max propylene yield by Petroleum additive max propylene yield by Petroleum additive
max propylene yield by Petroleum additive
max propylene yield by Petroleum additive

max propylene yield by Petroleum additive

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max propylene yield by FCC additive

Shanghai Rich company offers a variety of additives designed for LPG olefin maximization.SOM propylene yield for petrochemical applications or alkylation feed. In addition, these additives maintain or increase gasoline octane and LPG while operating in LCO maximization mode.

Commercial Experience

Aside from increasing the yield of propylene, light olefins additives can be used to provide economic benefit in a variety of scenarios. One refinery realized the benefit during a turnaround on a catalytic reformer. Octane short and with no opportunity to increase riser temperature,SOM a little higher. When the total octane properties of the FCC gasoline and alkylate are added together, there is an increase in the octane of the total gasoline pool from the FCC complex.

SOM also valuable options when the FCC unit is running at reduced feed rates and there is available capacity in the alkylation unit. By varying the concentration of light olefin additive in circulating catalyst inventory, the refinery can independently optimize the riser outlet temperature while keeping the alkylation unit at maximum feed capacity. This option is especially helpful in the fall and winter, when higher LCO yields are generally desirable.

With three levels of ZSM-5 activity, Shanghai Rich company offers the flexibility to respond to multiple application needs. Shanghai Rich companys technical service team can help you decide which additive is best for your application.


Shanghai Rich company SOM additives maximize yield of high value C3 and C4 olefins by selective conversion of low octane gasoline components into LPG, while producing no change in coke, dry gas or bottoms yields. Utilizing advanced manufacturing methods for ZSM- 5 stabilization, Shanghai Rich company propylene additives retain activity as crystal input increases, minimizing dilution of fresh catalyst activity and bottoms cracking, while delivering industry-leading attrition resistance.

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